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Business Consultation

Are you a business owner, perfectionist, standards abiding professional or entrepreneur whose startup needs attention and development then we are offering you our high standard consultation services in supply chain management.

Our team has a great experience in various fields and industries which is enabling them to be called Business Experts, don’t hesitate to call for support as our knowledge and know-how will serve you.

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Supply Chain Management Diploma

Are you a supply chain professional who looking for career advancement and better understanding of various  supply chain career tracks, then we offer THE ASCP DIPLOMA.

  • 10 different modules covering the end to end supply chain and logistics.
  • 100 hours of educational sessions and workshops.
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Are you a fresh graduate or Newley entered the supply chain field and need guidance and support to make sure you are on the right track?

ASCP include the finest caliber in the supply chain field in Egypt, their cumulative experience exceeds 300 years. They have faced a lot and succeeded to overcome a lot of issues and all of them are valuable assets to their corporates and organizations.

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ASCP School

Are you a senior undergraduate who is interested in supply chain management career ? We believe ASCP Foundation can help get there!

We offer you a condensed educational program helps you to discover which supply chain career track fits you the most and deliver a specialized workshop to strengthen your capability and qualify you for the post graduate professional life.

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